Sunday, 8 May 2011

Worcester SU 5th May 2011

We got to Worcester and had to refuel, in Subway.
Last time we came here we did the same then went for a pint across the road. Eggsy was still eating his sandwich and got thrown out of the pub.

Anywho, we were in Worcester to DJ at the SU, and they put us in a room full of crap and odd clothes most of which we tried on.

Then we had a game of Poster Smashies where you hit the other person on the legs as hard as you can, Big G is showing off his battle scars.

After a few drinks we went to the main arena to spin some Cds.

I had left most of my Cds in Mountain Ash somehow but I still had a good 2 hours of party music.

The party people were in the mood.

Big G went to meet the girls.

And he made a few friends.

I think this girl was from Wales, I think it says Ty Bach on her arm. I have no clue what that means.

A woman kept bringing us individual glasses of vodka and coke and by now Big G had drunk about 20.

We had some girls on the stage to dance.

Big G was very happy about this.

They really had some good moves too.

Then we had a few more drinks.

And met some more people who had thought it was a fancy dress party.

Big G got into the spirit and cut some moves too.

And Eggsy got into the vodka and coke.

We got a lift back to town with some of the students who all did a runner and left me to pay for the cab.

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