Saturday, 30 November 2013

York Fibbers 17 October 2013

It was a new day and a new leg of the tour, we had to fill the van up but it kept spitting the fuel back out. The other people filling up were a bit shocked at how much cussing was coming from our driver, he was pretty vexed.
 We slammed it into fifth gear and went straight to the services.
 Then we stopped at another one.
 Mike Balls had spent over 40 quid trying to win a second rate tablet with wifi capabilities.
He didn't win here either.
 Eventually we arrived in York, we were late and a bit worse for wear.
 The place was nice and had the seats from the front of a Starbucks.
 The promoter was well safe and invited us back to his gaff to have a heap of Mexican style food.
It was lush.
 He had all sorts of hot sauces. Billy went straight in and rubbed it on his bum hole, he figured it was going to sting anyway so he would cut out the middle man.
 Back at the venue Mike amused himself with an hilarious game of pretending the door was locked, shame he is only 7 stone, it didn't really work too well for him.
 We did a quick sound check.
 Then me, Adam and Tom went to try some local ale.
 Back at the dressing room Graham had discovered the side door which lead directly to the pavement outside.
 Soon we ended up on the pavement with some of the people who had traveled as far as 30 miles to see us play.
 Then we got ready to do a show.
 It was good.
 And the crowd had a good time too.
 Maggot got so excited that he had an accident and he cut his finger too.
 After the gig Mike felt truly triumphant.
 This guy was off his tits.
 We went and met some of the crowd who didn't seem to want to go home.
 Eggsy ruined a CD for some of them.
 And out side Adam and Mike had a picture with some random passers by.
 Me and Maggot had a picture.
 And I tried to fix up maggots bleeding finger, all I could find was an eye patch, It had to do.
 Then we had a few more snaps.
 By then Killer Tomato and Maggot had written on the lady with blue eyes.
 It had been a good gig.
No one was feeling the effect of the hot sauce and Billy felt lucky he had gone straight in for the kill.
Thanks York!

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