Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Grill Stock 28th June 2014

 And so it began. 
We were going to Europe's biggest meat festival, Eggsy thought it was going to be like the clubs Freddie went to in Germany, it wasn't.
What better way than to start with an inferior meat product.
 The meat was in Manchester and you could almost taste it when you got there.
 We got into a portakabin and began to get ready for the meat festival.
 Outside we met a meat zombie, Eggsy ate parts of his body and said it tasted like chicken.
 Mysti was well on his way, he had brought a Madonna hat, the kind you get at a Madonna gig or on a hen do. He doesn't get out much these days.
 We hung out with the meat zombie for a bit, by now I was proper starving.
 Eventually we got the meat in Adam and I went for the Massive sausage thing with pulled pork on the top. It was amazing!
 DJ Killer Tomato rammed in 6 pulled pork burgers and was sick on his shoes.
 The meat was nuts, I had never seen so much cooked meat in one place.
 Then, with our bellies full of meat, it was time to do some raps.
 As the crowd slowly nursed their meat hangovers.
 By now Mysti was flying, literally.
 To be fair the whole show was well safe, if you get the chance to go to Grill Stock get involved.
 We had an awesome time on stage too.
 DJ Yoda was finishing up the night with a DJ set, some of the boys helped him out on the mic.
 Before that we had to get some more meat in!
We all got loose and Mysti disappeared and was woken up on a train 20 miles away by British Transport Police and thrown off because he was using threatening behavior. He doesn't remember any of it.

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