Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Beat-Herder 18th Jult 2014

 We got on the bus for an epic voyage, DJ Killer Tomato decided to learn how to make EDM on the way. I think it's like an American version of Dubstep.
 We got involved at the services. Graham was dressed for the weather as if it was the only sunny day in ten years and he didn't have any summer clothes.
 They had a fashion outlet at the services and DJ Killer Tomato went shopping and bought a woman's T shirt.
 We got back in the van and on the way to the festival we stopped off at my second favorite pub north of Birmingham, the Swan With Two Necks.
 Some of the boys fancied the bear garden.
 Some fancied the inside. Billy and Eggsy went for the molten hot lasagne and chips.
 The boys out side went for pie and peas. 
Mike Balls was not impressed with the idea of food.
 We chilled out in the garden for a bit.
 Then we went to find the festival.
 We were greeted by an awesome beardin a track suit when we finally parked up.
 Then Billy's uncle popped over for a chat.
 We were staring to mentally prepare ourselves for the show.
 Mystikal was more mentally prepared than the others.
 Then we went on.
 It was pretty good.
 Mike was having a good time.
 I think he had benefited by not having a heavy cheese based meal two hours before the gig.
 Then Eggsy produced a diamond encrusted phallus to close the show and the crowd went nuts for it. It ended up going into the crowd and now has it's own facebook page and has traveled the globe twice.
 After the show we had a stage invasion and then the dude turned up with a bunch of pizzas.
 DJ Killer Tomato ate most of them.
 On the way back we stopped off at the services and Mike lost another 20 quid on the game. he still hasn't won anything.
Beat-Herder was LUSH!

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