Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pontardawe arts centre 15th August 2014

 We got to the Pontardawe arts centre and we were greeted by a trolly of booze, which was nice.
 We decided to see what the town centre had to offer us to eat as we were kind of hungry.
 The boys went for Emma's kebab shop, Greyham had a pizza that took 35 minutes to make.
 The venue was lush!
 They also had a pay phone, I hadn't seen one of these since the early 90s so I had to have a go.
 Mike, Adam and Billy turned up really late as they had been doing some basic organization in Newport.
 Then we got ready to do the show.
 And we had hardly touched the brandy.
 The show was awesome.
 DJ Killer Tomato was having a great time.
 This guy with no teeth got up on stage, I think he was on mephadrone. Actually I think half the town was on it too.
 We had brought the little back drop with us.
 At the end it all went nuts, all types of people rushed the stage.
 After the show the boys were feeling alive.
 We were going to V festival the next day, so there was just enough time for a piss in an alley way and then we got on the bus.
 Of course we had to stop at the services.
 Where DJ Killer Tomato got some women's shade for £15.99
Safe Pontardawe, knows it!

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