Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Y-not Festival 31st July 2014

 Back on the bus and we were off to Tony's festival that was called Y-not!
 We got in the van and were itching to get to the services, it had been a while.
 Today it was The National Forest area, lush.
 Mike had given up on the game so Adam decided to waste a fiver trying to get some fake Dr Dre type headphones.
 We also found the new tour bus.
 We drove for miles and miles.
 And eventually found a festival.
 Luckily it was the right one!
 We after a walk we found the dressing room area and met some people who had been at the festival since Tuesday.
 Then this nutter came over and spent ten minutes trying to get the top off a bottle of beer. She didn't stop laughing and she tried to show DJ Killer Tomato her flaps, I think she was on strong drugs.
 We got organized as it was nearly time.
 Then it was time.
 The place was rocking.
We had a great time.
 And did all them songs we do.
 And the festival wasn't even open officially yet.
 The show was good and Adam didn't break a sweat, Mike was knackered.
 DJ Killer Tomato rammed in five portions of the food they provided and this was after I found a used condom in mine. We were unsure if it was pork, beef or lamb. Someone had heard it was actually tuna.
 We spoke to a few people who were pretending to be journalists.
 And got back on the bus.
Adam made some cups out of a water bottle and proceeded to drink all my Whiskey.
 We stopped a few time on the way back.
 It was an awesome day out, thanks Tony!
 DJ Killer Tomato slept most of the way home on the pillow he brought from home.
It was caked in cum stains.

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