Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Aire do Festival 2nd August 2014

 We were off up to Keighley to play Arie do Festival so I thought I better start the day with a posh breakfast. I went for the three sausages.
 We got in the van and went to the services coz the other boys were not as organized as me.

 They had cheaper lower, quality meat products than I me, mostly in bread with unwanted salad.
 We got back in the van and Billy got out the few bottles of Old Rosie he had been saving for when Brazil won the World Cup. Brazil hadn't won the World Cup.
 A few hundred miles later and the Old Rosie came out the other end looking much the same. We could have pulled over for Billy to go but he said he likes a challenge.
 We drove into the hills, it's a bit like that TV cop show with Wicksy out of East Enders. 
Heart Beat... That's the one.
 We found the festival, last time we played up this way we played on the back of a flat bed lorry in the car park for a vegetable wholesalers. We had a hotel room for a dressing room normally used by people who had just got out of prison. It was awesome.
 This dressing room wasn't much different, it was the kind of place they would store dead bodies in the war.
 Then we were told there was a sex tent round the back we could use.
 Eggsy put the pole to good use, I tipped him a tenner.
 Adam and Billy were having a great day out.
 We got ready to go on and this lady came up to us and asked if she could come on as a  back up dance, of course we said yes.
 We were ready to rave.
 The festival was wikked, they even got an AFH 600 smoke machine and we had only asked for the 500.
 We went on and the crowd went nuts.
 Because we were behind a load of flowers.
 The crowd's average age was 11, but they were having a good time.
 They had cider on for the grown ups, which was nice.
 After the show we went back to the make shift mortuary for a bit.
 Then went out to watch K Klass do their piano house music.
 It was good and we had a dance.
 Mike was feeling the rush.
 Just as K Klass came off we were given six pizzas. They were good but they were on paper plates all on top of one another. All the cheese from the pizzas stuck to the plates on top. It was lush, we still scrapped off all the cheese and ate it. At one point Billy considered eating one of the paper plates.
 We also had chips too.
 After the top quality food we went to buy some light ale at a local petrol station for the journey home.
 Via seven service station stops.
Aire do was lush!

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