Friday, 22 November 2013

Birmingham 02 Academy 10th October 2013

We had had a few days off tour and were fresh out the box so to speak.
Tonight we were back in the city of Birmingham at a venue we have played a few times.
It was nice to be back.

The young boy, Chip Dadday, who was supporting us even turned up.
He had decided to dress like he was on his stage do, who knows he might have been.

Me and Eggsy went into town with Graham, Mike and Adam to get some food. Eggsy and I lost Graham, Mike and Adam on the walk in. We went to Nandos and the others ended up in a rough pub which was no surprise.

DJ Killer Tomato turned up with a shit load of chicken, he has to feed the guns.

Soon we were all back in the dressing room and it was time for a quick security briefing.

Then it was time to go on, turn up the bass and ruin it for Passenger, some indie band who were playing next door. The walls were too thin for our bass and they were doing acoustic love songs apparently.

It was another night were the smoke machine was stuck in the full on position.

Some people had turned up and I think they had a good time even if we couldn't see them.

After the show Maggot and Eggsy did some tantric yoga to bring them down.

Then we went to meet the crowd, pull funny faces and do some snaps.

Eggsy had a beer.

We signed this dude's T shirt like 5 years ago, he has never washed it. You should see the T shirt he had signed by all of Take That, awesome!

Everyone had a good time and we met some nice people and had a few drinks.
Soon it was time to get the hell out.
 And go to a Travelodge that we have stayed in another time when we had played Birmigham.
DJ Killer Tomato went to get some chicken and was given all the chicken left in the take out place as they were closing, he ended up giving most of it away to the night porter.
The party went on in Adam and Grahams room.
Birmingham was good.

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