Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Leeds Mine 11th Ocober 2013

We had played in Birmingham the night before and woke up next to a Frankie and Bennys which did a reasonably priced breakfast. Maggot was well happy as he was up and ready to go.
 As usual the party boys had stayed up too late and had pizza delivered and got up to all sorts. They were late getting up for a change.
 Dave Beer had made friends in the hotel, that's all I'm going to say.
 After waiting for an age we all got in the van. We then realised that Graham and Adam were in fact 80s pop band Wham, guess who is George Michael?
 We went straight to the services.
 When we got back on the bus we realised we were actually traveling in a school bus for kids. No wonder the seats were so small and the seat belts only fitted Mike and Adam.
 After a lot of talk about it we finally arrived minus Dave Beer who had to jump out at a round about coz he needed a piss, he turned up about two hours later.
We decided it was best to take all our stuff off the bus as we had also discovered that it didn't actually lock.
 We put all our stuff into what was possibly the smallest dressing room of the tour.
 So I decided to stink it out with some student curry from the student shopping area upstairs.
Then I got a massive head ache and had to lie down for a few hours, true story.
 Soon it was time to get involved.
 And go do the best show of our lives.
 The boys had a great time.
 And we had a bunch of pizzas delivered to make the small room smell even more like meat.
 We had some pizza and went to meet the guests.
 I think one of these people was getting married or it was their birthday, something like that.
 Eggsy got a romantic kiss.
 And maggot met a girl with hair that looked like a hat, or a hat that looked like hair, not sure which.
 Even Dirty Bobby showed up, Leeds is always safe.
 Then we went to a hotel and brought everything we owned in.
 Adam brought the GLC bar in too, we had been told not to make any noise or I would be fined and we would all get throw out.
 Me and DJ Killer Tomato went to the local shop.
And the others got told off for making too much noise and moved the party room then got told off again. They ended up going and sitting on the bus till 5am drinking and doing a quiz.
The GLC rule!

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