Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thekla Bristol 3rd October 2013

Graham arrived just as we were about to leave Bournemouth. 
He had been out raving all night and turned up looking like the lead singer of Glasvags.
 We got on the road and went straight to the services.
 Mike had another go at winning his third rate tablet with wifi capability and failed.
 On the way to the gig we stopped off at Bristol Uni radio to speak to a guy with dyed ginger hair called Mister Fishy.
 Then we made it to the Thekla, it had taken seven hours to get here.
 Eggys and Maggot immediately went for a romantic meal.
 And Mike and Graham sampled life on a boat.
The satge was set and we sound checked, everything was ready for a great gig.
Chippdaddy, a 14 year old from Devises, turned up just in time to go on stage, he was supporting us on most of the tour.
Then it was our time to do a show.
  The crowd were rocking the boat!
 And we did all them songs and all that.
 The show had a major impact on Graham and his lack of sleep was getting to him.
 After we went and met the nice people who had come to see us.
 I think most people had a good time.
 Some people came with their moms.
 Others left the kids at home.
 This guy wrote a graphic novel about a talking penis or something and tried to read it to everyone, he is different from the others. He also had his horrible orange pubes coming out of his pants like a ginger pant mustache which made everyone physically sick.
 After a few drinks it was time to head to our posh hotel which had mold on the beds and should have been condemned.
It's always a good night out in Bristol, we can't wait to go back!

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