Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bournemouth Old Fire Station 2nd October 2013

We woke up in a posh hotel. We thought it was a Travelodge!
We were wrong.
Graham got straight into ripping himself off by missing the free breakfast and going to the petrol station to get something in white bread that would irritate his hemorrhoids.
The first stop is always the services and usually within 20 minutes of leaving anywhere.
Graham decided to risk his health even further by eating off a noodle cart.
Some of the boys wasted 10 quid on shit CDs 
(this isn't really true as one of the CDs was Lovecraft by Super Furry Animals which was worth the price alone but the other Cds were shite).
Then all too soon we were in Bournemouth home of Mysti's infamous "rush, rush, rush" rant on the GLC Rapumentary.
Maggot had had enough for the 3 barrels brandy that we were being given on the tour already and it was only the second date.
We slammed out a quick sound check.
And went to book into what actually was a Travelodge. 
It turns out we were in a Holiday Inn last night, which was why it was so posh and had breakfast etc. We thought the tour was going to be all nice hotels, then reality set in as we had rooms with only one bed for 2 people... And that was the least of our trouble.
Back at the venue we decided to get on it and got into the 3 barrels.
Then we were ready to smash it.
It was nice to do the full set for the first time as we had only had 40 minutes at the Uni ball the previous night.
After the show we met some of the nice people who had come to see us.
Graham was well up for a party and we didn't see him again until we left the hotel the following morning.
Mike did a little sick as we were leaving... Classy.
Maggot was happy to be alive but fearful of what the following 18 shows would bring.
Some of us went back to the hotel some didn't, but we all had a good night!


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