Friday, 15 November 2013

Northumbria Uni Newcastle 4th October 2013

Mike got up early to get himself some processed meat.
We had stayed in Briton's worst travel lodge, the room I was in had in insect infestation and the pull out beds had mold and dried puke on them, so basically it was home from home.
 In the blink of an eye we were at the services.
 Maggot had gone nuts for salad, it was the only thing he was eating on this tour.
 On the bus Mike got into some serious sounds, he has been listening to a lot of new wave jazz progressive funk crossover recently, at least that's what he calls it.
 We decided one service stop simply wasn't enough so we stopped off at Woolley Edge which has taken a pasting recently in the magazine What Services.
We gave it a good 7 to 8 out of 10.
 Maggot was experiencing lumber problems and bought a giant banana.
 It really made a difference on the long journey in a 17 seater scum bus.
 After a few long hours traveling we arrived at the venue and Mike got straight into it with a crisp sandwich, his second favorite meal.
 Me, Maggot and Eggsy went into town. Big up the Elden Square massive.
 After some super hot food we went back and got ready to do the gig.
 It was basically a bar in a students union.
 They had turned the smoke machine up to 11!
 Graham decided to get the audience up onto the stage to try and clear the smoke.
 After the gig we met some fans.
 We met some nice people.
 And had a few drinks.
 Billy shared his sweat with the fans.
 Some people had come from as far as South Shields.
 Notice Graham's "eyes of a killer" in the picture below.
It was another banging night!
Massive respect to Newcastle.

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