Friday, 24 April 2009

BBC 5:19 21st April 2009

It was a beautiful sunny day.
Adam was wearing shorts he has had since he was twelve.
A perfect day to get in the back of a red van and drive to London.First thing you have to stop off at the local garage to get fuel for the van and some rough food.

Mike went for the bacon bap option, delicious.

Before you can say "I've had three cans of strong larger", we were in London.

At the BBC near Great Portland Street.

To be on a show that has something to do with BBC Switch.

Mike was going to play guitar on "By Any Means Necessary".

So we decided he had to dye his hair red. I think it looks pretty good.

This is Grayham and Eggsy with Tom Deacon who hosts The 5:19 Show that we were going to be on.

This is all of us after the show. Check out Maggots hat, he is the king.

After the show we went and drank beer on the street just like most of the people who live in London.

Before we left there was just enough time to ram some food in our heads.
Mike went for the old classic, cheese and chips.

Eggsy decided to wait for the service to get a saturated fat burger.

Another fantastic day out with some healthy food thrown in, well the burger came with some lettuce in it anyway.

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