Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Frank Skinner's Credit Crunch Cabaret 6th April

Today we were going to London to do Frank Skinner's Credit Crunch Cabaret.
Mysti made friends with a dog.
Then we all got in the van to go to London.

The venue was the Lyric Theater and it was massive.

So we went to the pub which was a lot smaller.

We had to go back and do a sound check.

Then it was back to the pub.
We were on meant to be on stage at 9:10.

But the show was running late so some of the boys went for a quick fag outside.

Some of the boys were climbing the walls cause the show was running so late.

At last we did the show.
We did three songs and I think it all went over well. Graham had such a good time he ripped all his clothes off.

Then Emma who looks after the show took us over to Soho House which is well posh.

Mike Balls was caught up in the emotion of the evening.

We had a nice chat with Frank.

Adam and Graham got on the Champagne cocktails.

We bumped into Adrian Chiles who one of my top three all time broadcasters.
He used to be on Working Lunch which has one of the best TV theme tunes ever.

Then it was time to get the hell out of London.

At last we all got in the van.

Mike was flying.

Some of us were really tired out, but it was a great night. Big up to Frank Skinner we had a great night out, I hope we can do it again some time.

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  1. What was Frank doin' with that battered Cello case?? When can we see this? XX


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