Monday, 27 April 2009

Fashion Wales Newport 23rd April 2009

One of the best things about Newport is Vacara's chips and curry sauce, its the best thing ever.
Any way, Eggsy and I went to the Newport Leisure Centre to host Fashion Wales.

They had even put up posters and everything.

Basically it was a big excuse for people to dress up in odd clothes. They also had a bunch of local music acts on to. It was the sort of coming together of music, dance, weird clothes and funny make up.

It was put together very professionally.

They had a massive stage for the acts to come out and show off their "thang" to the audience.

We introduced each act and got the crowd going after each act had finished their turn.
Below are "Smerks and Darkaz", they were one of my high lights.

There was Body Paint from Colleg Gwent.

And face paint too.

Even the Police turned up. This is Lavinia's "Po-lease" collection.

This dude had come down from London with these well safe pendents made out of Lego to put on your chain. He made me give it back at the end of the night, gutted.

This is Denis, he put the show together, he is awesome.

These kids did some rare break dancing.

This is my crew.

It was an amazing night out one that we will never forget. We even managed to get a beer in afterward in Newport's famous Le Pub.

Big up to all who were involved, just remember, keep Newport tidy.

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  1. Adam n Graham would look wicked with that Superman Lego much does he charge? Safe pics :)


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