Sunday, 19 April 2009

Soccer AM 18th April 2009

Adam, Mike and Maggot were going on Soccer AM. So that meant that Adam and Mike had to travel up to London the day before to meet Maggot.
Mike and Adam had a packed lunch for the train.
And before they knew it they were up in The Smoke.

They met up with the Maggot and went for a curry.

Bengal Bertie's is Maggot's favourite curry house.

Then after a brief sleep it was time to get up at stupid o'clock and go of to Soccer AM.

Mike had been dreaming about this day for a month.

If your lucky enough to have Sky you will know what this is.

Mike nearly pissed his pants when he met Gazza.

This is all the crew, Helen Chamberlain, Gazza, Max Rushden, a Soccerette, some dude off a football film and the GLC.

Adam, Mike and Maggot even got a match ball for having been on Soccer AM three times.

I have never seen Adam so happy. When he got back to Newport he had the biggest smile on his face, he is probably still smiling now.

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  1. Aww bless ya lads - check out those peary white grins!
    Mysti said Adam was excited about "smoking with Gazza" (the impression was hilarious...)


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