Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Diverse Records 18th April 2009

It was Saturday and it was national Record Shop day.
So we went down to Diverse Music in Newport to help them out and play a few tunes on the turntables.

Mysti was having a great time.

Here we are with Mark and Matt.
They either work at Diverse or they hang out there a hell of a lot.

Billy wanted to look like Phil Collins.

Check out Billy with a picture of Billy.

I think Mysti might have had a few beers by now.

Nigel turned up and everything.

They even let Eggsy operate the till!!!

Check out Billy and Eggsy double teaming.

Another great day out, Newport is so nice when the sun shines.

Big up to Diverse Music, thanks for a great day out.
Don't forget to check them out online, for all your record buying needs.


  1. Nah - I think Mysti was still on his first beer in that pic ... hewas trying to tell us about these tablets though, that make certain bodily 'fluid' glittery.

    Turns out - Mysti tells lies =(

  2. Ah was gutted couldn't come after coz my mate who was meant to drive was rough as after celebrating my birthday n I had virtually no sleep so unsafe to drive also but big big hugs to EmmaBill for putting Mysti on the phone n wished me happy birthday n was advising me to get some nice comfort stodgy food in n chillax n have early nite to which I did :) Loves u Myst XXXX and Emms XX and the rest of the GLC XXXXXXXXX


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