Friday, 3 April 2009

Cheltenham Rise Records 3rd April 2009

Back in the Port.
We were going to Cheltenham today to do an instore so we thought we better start the day with some good food. We went to Hunky Dory, they do some great potato wedges in salsa sauce, mazin.

Then we all met up and were ready to go. We had Martin as our sound dude today.

Jay was driving us in Doctor Cum's van.

All in and on the way.

Cheltanham is a wicked place. They have a shop called Sorted and it rocks.

We also went to Browsers in Cambray place, Eggsy got a new look.

Eggsy and me had some coffee.

While some of the others smoked outside the Disney shop.

We were doing the instore at Rise, which is an independent record store.

This dude came down to take some snaps for the local rag.

We did five songs off the new LP "ASBO4life". This is the crowd.

Then we met some of the clarts.

Mike met some people.

And wrote some terrible things on people's skin.

Maggot made some friends too.

Eggsy had a photo with some of the people who came to see us and his pen.

These people were from the local tattoo parlor.

Even Martin Xploite came down.

This is the whole crew that works in Rise, oh and us.

Then it was time to get back in the van.

And annoy Graham.

Mike was first to get off.

At the Coldra round about.

Then we were all done. A good day out. Off to Diverse records in Newport tomorrow.

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