Sunday, 12 April 2009

Haverfordwest, Rhys and Eggsy DJ 10th April.

We set out about 7 to drive to Haverfordwest down the M4.
The sky was amazing it was like "Little Fluffy Clouds" by the Orb.

Port Talbot looks so nice when the sun is setting.

Finally we rolled into Haverfordwest.

They had made a huge poster to try and get people to come to the club.

This is Tom, he was running the night.

They had even employed some local girls to dance around and wear black tops and small skirts.
We met some of the punters in the "VIP" room upstairs.

And then these dudes put on the loudest techno I've ever heard. The first tune they played was a techno version of the music from the film Scarface.

This picture says it all.

We decided to go outside and we met some more of the punters. These guys were awesome.

We thought we should find somewhere that wasn't playing techno so we went to the Taj Mahal restaurant.

The Vindaloo was rocking.

This guy was MCing before we went on, I think he was one of the "Suggestion Boys", anyway he had a great look. I think he might have been on drugs.

Then we went on.

I have too many CDs, I must write down whats on them one day.

We had a good night out and so did this guy, he was flying.

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  1. How bad were the bottom burps this time? *gags*


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