Wednesday, 25 March 2009

London Dingwalls 24th Match 2009


First things first, have a pint of coffee.Billy had two sandwiches and two cups of tea.

We went to The Sun's offices to do some acoustic versions of "by any means necessary","new day" and "guns don't kill people"

The songs will be up online soon but i don't know when yet.

Then we went to The Sun's Bizarre office.

Eggsy was right at home.

Then it was off to Dingwalls to another small room.

We did some interviews. I love this picture, it looks like Mike is on a first date.
Mysti and Billy talked to these people.

And Eggsy and me went to the BBC to be on News 24.

Then we all got ready for the big gig .

Doctor Cum straightened his hair. Weirdo.

Mysti watched Trip who are supporting us.

Graham rubbed some cream into his legs. He has been in pain for a while but I'm not sure if he has the right medication.

Shaun W Keaveny from BBC 6Music came down to introduce us.

Check out the crowd.

It was a fun gig and Adam fell off the stage. Brilliant.

Then we met some of the people who came to see us.

Dan Martin was there too.

Eggsy and me went to Talksport radio to be on The Late Show with Ian Collins.

It was about one in the morning and we were starving. I had Kebab, it was rough. I haven't had a kebab in about ten years.

Then we went back to the bus which was parked under Tescos in Earls Court.

So we did some late night shopping.

It was John Frederick George Dunford's birthday so we bought him a cake.

We watched Spinal Tap and I went to bed. Later I was woken up by Billy, Mike, Adam, Graham and two of the Trip boys who decided to sing all the hits of Queen until about 7am. I'm well tried today.

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  1. Ahh, cheers for the giggage splews, was proper safe and I had a wicked time!


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