Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Colchester Arts Centre 18th March 2009

Woke up today outside a church in Colechester, the oldest town in Britain.
It was quite a pleasant surprise.
They got all types of crazy buildings some which are way old.

And they got a Wimpy.

But as usual we ended up at a cafe and had a load of bacon.

Eggsy went to the Mews Barbers for his 3 week hair cut cycle.

Mysti hadn't got up yet.

These kids were outside running around the bus and banging on the windows so we thought we would give them a shock and go and talk to them.

Inside the venue was well nice.

And they gave us some crazy sandwiches all with no cucumber. I hate cucumber.

I brought my guitar and taught Ballsy how to play Nutter so we can do some acoustic stuff for The Sun newspaper next week. We had a practice today.

Then this girl came to interview us. She is standing up in this picture.

Soon it was time to get ready for the gig.

Graham and Mysti picked on Eggsy.

And we were ready to go.

The crowd.
Nice banana.
Hands in the air.

Tonight's dancer.

After the gig.
Adam was given some battery powered plastic thing.

Billy had the best time.

The crowd were amazing.
Maggot was feeling the love, or at least he was looking for it.

Adam, funny.
Colchester you did us proud.

Oxford tomorrow, might get a curry now.

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  1. Eh, imagine if u lot jumped out of the bus in your vicar outfits..class that would've been! The guy in the Dolce & Banana t-shirt looks like my mate Nelly Richards! Was him n his mate at the end trying to outshine the Bear with their hairyness by any chance? lol! Big up the dancer too...a little more work on that tache n he could be with Ray Parker Jnr in the 118 ads Lol! Graham n Mysti stop picking on Eggsy! Safe XXX


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