Sunday, 29 March 2009

Shrewsbury 29th March 2009

We had some early risers today. The bus is such a shit tip at the moment its stupid.
We were meant to be playing a venue called The Butter Market, but it went bust on Friday, so we decided to turn up in Shrewsbury and try and sort out a venue.
We started by having Sunday lunch.

Then we went to the pub.

It was a really nice day too.

Suddenly we got the call a venue had been sighted on the other side of town and we all hot footed it through Shrewsbury in anticipation.

The new venue was "Lloyds bar" on Hill Lane. It even had entertainment.

The stage was small and an odd shape but we were going to make this one work. The sound system arrived at 6 so it was "gig on".

There was even time for a few glasses of ale too.

This is the support band, "You And What Army", they are a nuts mix of rap metal and rave.

Maggot made some friends.

Then he went to Mcdonalds and made some more friends.

Eggsy fell asleep in the upstairs lounge on the bus, unlike him. I think he is having a break down again.

Billy me and Graham went in to watch the support band, actually Billy and Graham needed to use the toilet but got side tracked by the bar.

Before the gig Maggot put on some Queen songs to get us in the mood.

Then we went straight off the bus and into the venue.

The last band to play this place was The Stone Roses in 1988. Apparently everyone in Shrewsbury went to that gig too.

It was so hot in there and was so packed with people my camera wouldn't work properly. The stage was so wet with condensation it was amazing. I could Moonwalk forwards.

This was one of the best gigs I've ever been to, and I was part of the band!

After we had stopped sweating we all went into the bar and had some good honest drinking time.

Everyone was having fun.

Maggot made more friends.

Shrewsbury let us come back soon.


  1. Cheers for a great night. The guys and girls of shrewsbury would welcome you back at any time, so do come back soon :-)
    Probably one of the best gigs ive been to in a long time so ta very much.

    S x x x

  2. This is a big talking point on (if your not on it already, get on it - safe) but what the hell is that yellow stuff on Adams Sunday Roast? plz settle this for us...

  3. We are Maggots "more friends" from Macdonalds (and im the girl who pinched billy webbs arse in lloyds ;) )
    the show was well well well safe
    we enjoyed it so much- we're thinking about seeing you again in july at crewe!
    Cant believe maggot knows where Market Drayton is....
    come back soon

  4. Top night, cheers for the T-shirt lads :) Safe as ****. You said you'd be back, we'll se ya again soon.

  5. Wow what a fab nite we all had! U guys rock!!!

    I am now famous! Check me out I am the barmaid in the green t-shirt which I may have been slightly excited that u all signed woo! Doin a bit of a dumbass pose but it got me on your website woo!

    Also to add to my fame I am the one who scribbled ova Maggots arm as seen in ur Port Talbot pics! It is official we are best friends, what can i say!

    Come back to Shrewsbury soon guys! U know we were the best and we gave u free drinks too!


    (Maggots best bud :))

  6. you boys r frickin class act legends!!!had awesome nyt.woz great how u lads hung out gettin frickin "george best" stylee wit us.i do hope u cum bk 2 shrews again (espesh lloyds) and give us sum more glc love,lol.wish you all the best 4 the future anyways,ur top bunch.i woznt major fan b4,but am now....espesh as ur all bunch o alcoholics lol.

    as a wise man once said 2 me "if she aint in tears......u aint ripped her arse enuff" lol



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