Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Derby 11th March 2009

Woke up this morning still in Manchester.

So we walked over to do some songs for Manchester's Channel M.
Graham was tired after staying up all night again.

We were set to do 5 songs.

We did, "Every one wants to be a DJ", "Nutter", "New Day", "BAMN", and "Guns".

Above is Scottich Jerry who presents the show, it goes out 17th march after 10pm.

Eventually we got to Derby.

The dressing room had blood on the ceiling. I think Pete Doherty had been in the room at some point.

This is Mike Balls in the haunted toilet, apparently last night the ghost laughed at one of the dudes who works in the club when he was taking a piss. I didn't get laughed at.

We had a very comfortable sofa in the dressing room.

And we danced a bit to warm up for the show.

Check the crowd

Look at Adams T shirt.

Below is Jay who does our Merch, on stage I said that he has a horrific sexual infection which was a lie. Well as far as I'm aware it's a lie. He wasn't to happy about it though.

Then we finished the gig and Graham the Bear went crazy.

He stared trying to break dance, actually he wasn't bad.
Billy's T shirt went a funny colour again.

Maggot seemed very chilled out after the gig.
But there was some serious sweat.

Check this Track suit out. Amazing.

Roll on York!!!

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  1. Has Maggot gotta Lisa Left Eye Lopez goin' on there on stage? Wicked pics n that blads...looks like u is all havin' big fun :) Safe XX


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