Sunday, 15 March 2009

Carlisle Brickyard 15th march 2009

Mysti woke up feeling a bit rough today.

Billy and me went into town to check out what Carlisle was all about.

We went to Francos for lunch, we had been thinking about Lasagne al Forno for a few days now.

They also have a castle in Carlisle.

Maggot was very fragile so i took him to the day room that we had cause there were no showers in the venue.

He fell asleep as soon as we got there so i left him there.

All of us went to dinner. The people form the venue had sorted us out with food from..... Francos.
Nearly ended up having two Lasagne al Fornos. Billy and i decided to have pizza this time. Adam was loving the wine they provided for us, I think he has had blue lips and a cheap red wine moustache for three days now.

Adam had spaghetti.

We went back to the bus to get ready and Mike fell asleep with a glow stick on his face.
Then it was time to go in and get ready to rave.
Check out my look, this is my third best tracksuit.

Time to go on and do it!

The punters were well safe and it was hot as hell in there.
Jay, who is doing the merch told me after that they still had the heating on.

Then all of a sudden it was over again.
Time to sweat.

Took some snaps with some of the crowd.

This dude brought his bong with him.

Good people and good times.

Off to Liverpool now, the new single "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" is out tomorrow.

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  1. Big up the boy with the bong...knows he's safe! Lovin GtB's autograph...Graham the Bear wants to fuck you! Lol! Big cwtches for Mysti n Maggot...hope they're feeling better today :)


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