Thursday, 12 March 2009

York Fibbers 12th March 2009

Maggot got up early this morning.York is his 3rd favourite city.

Although he didn't think much of the fry up.

Graham stayed up the longest and slept the soundest.

Fibbers is a metal club.

Then Adam got up, guess where he has been.

Doctor Cum was in a funny mood all day. I think it was sexual frustration.

I decided to go sight seeing.
York Minster is about 60 meters tall. I came to York with my parents when i was about 6.
I'm not very good with heights.
Dirty Bobby turned up. You know that it's going to be a good night when The Dirt is about.
Adam bought some toys from the local market.

Time to get ready for the Rave.

I got a moustache and I felt like a million quid.

Rave Time!!!
Check out the crowd.

They know how to get down in York

The raffle went well tonight .
We had a Ballroom dance DVD book combination up for grabs.

We had dancers on the stage too.

Then we did the sweating.
They want me to DJ now........


  1. OH MY GOD!! MOOOOOSTACHE!! (mines still better though.....)

  2. York Fibbers was fucking great. I hope Big G and his ladyparts were behaving themselves like!!

  3. Big up the taches! Yeah! I gather Adam went for a


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