Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Manchester Moho 10th March 2009

Got to Manchester well early. Adam woke up in serious pain after staying up till 5 in the morning.

The club was nuts it had a phone booth in side.

Above is Doctor Cum (our sound engineer) and Eggsy outside the club.

We had to get breakfast so we went to the Koffee Pot, good food. Eggsy went to Pret a Manger, he is a funny boy.

The bus is still smashed up.

This was going to be the best day of Adam's life.
Check out Mysti in his new T shirt.

So we went to the Daily/Sunday Sport's office to talk about the new LP. or so we thought.

Then they started taking their clothes off.

Thank god we didn't have to take our clothes off.

Maggot was right at home.
Below is Eggsy and Billy with Paul from Muso's Guide. Billy said he was a loverly young gentleman. Apparently he is from Middlesborough.

Check out my look.

Maggot and Eggsy talked to Emma from DV8 which is a magazine. They kept their clothes on.

Time to get into another small room to prepare for the gig. We gave Graham some tattoos.

If you look at the picture below you will see one of us is missing.....
Mysti decided to stay in a local pub until 5 minutes befor we went on stage.

Mysti eventually turned up and we went on.
Check out the crowd below.

After the gig we did the usual sweating.

This is Sady and Sharon. They came on for "Your Mothers Got A Penis".

Sweat on!! Billys T shirt got covered in shit for some reason. Sick.

Below is Eggsy with the XTC Face Licker Crew.

The girls below were well into Adam and said it was their birthdays but i think they just made it up.

The dude above is from the Port and has the best track suit top i have ever seen. i was thinking about mugging him for it.

This dude with the long hair is well safe, apparently i have met him befor but I've always been too stoned to remember.

Next stop Channel M tomorrow. Safe.

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  1. Crackin' pics! Was that black pudding I spied on Adams plate? Yum Yum! Loved the Sunday Sport pics especially GtB with his tits out too LOL! Boys u could've picked ladies with real bazoomas innit Lol!
    Safe :) XX


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