Saturday, 14 March 2009

Glasgow King Tuts 13th march 2009

Maggot got up first again.

Glasgow is amazing. I have always wanted to play at King Tuts.

Time for breakfast.

Sleeping beauty.

Adam is the king of shaves.

Eggsy's got an ipod speaker set that has gone yellow from being in Adams house. I cant believe it still works.

These people came and filmed me and Adam for the British Tourist Board. Unbelievable.

Billy's got a proper moustache, he looks like he is from the past.

They gave us some very nice looking sandwiches at the venue, Doctor Cum fingered each one to see what was in them. He makes me sick.

These girls came down from a student radio station. I don't think they can broadcast anything we said though.

The two girls with Adam and Mike below filmed us but i have no clue what for.

Eggsy hung out in the bus and talked to a man.

Time to sound check.

Mike had his favourite T shirt on again.

They cooked us a bunch of food at King Tuts.
I have never seen Adam so happy, I think he was kind of hungry.

Adam dressed as Chewpacabra and tried to kick in Doctor Cum.

The 20 minute call.

Check out my look.
In the holding area about to go on to do the rave.

There was a good crowd in.

Maggot was in his element.

Mike was even given some soapbar.

This is Burt Dangerbond, no really that's what he is called.

There were some good looks in the house.

Then it was time to go to another club and DJ.

The second dressing room of the day.

It had some high quality graffiti.

Mysti and mike got on the Yagameister.

I think everyone was having a good time.

I played some really bad tunes and they had been playing really hard techno before i got on the decks. They all seemed to like Superman by Black Lace.

Graham and Billy even started grinding. I think Graham was attempting the Booty Bounce.

We finished up and went to leave and outside this kid from London was trying to kick in one of the guys from our support band. Only in Glasgow. They ended up in a drugs hug. Funny.

Time to go back to the bus.
And have a Freddie Mercury night and watch Queen's greatest video hits 2.

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  1. Lovin the taches...sexual! Ballsy that t-shirt can kiss my ring!! U may have slaughtered us but ur gonna win sweet FA! Lol! King Tuts looked mental n Zulu had the best time :)


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