Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dundee Fat Sams14th March 2009

Doctor Cum seemed a bit angry this morning. We turned up at the wrong venue. At least we got the right town.

Everyone was smashed from the night before, and I mean smashed. The bus is a shit tip too.
When we got to the venue we couldn't sound check cause there was a load of geeks having a conference about the future of online gaming.

Graham was in the Saturday Sport with his top off being touched up by two "models". I haven't seen him that happy since the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Check out the type of people who were out and about. It was like being in that film "The Warrioirs"

Maggot, Billy and Me decided the best thing to do was to go for a curry. First curry of the tour.

Maggot has a Chicken Tikka Massala and Billy had a Chicken Karahi, which he ate half of and took the rest back to the bus and ate it after the gig.

In the curry house this nice girl came over to said hi, Maggot got her whole family on the guest list. I wonder if they came to the gig?

Back at Fat Sams Graham was ready to rock.

Ready to go and kick the doors in.

The crowd were amazing and Doctor Cum only messed up starting the tracks twice.

Good gig all around, I felt like shit so i went to sleep after we finished. Apparenlty after the gig Adam got shat on by a bird and all the boys stayed up till nine in the morning. Adam pretended to be Super Mario and Maggot made them listen to his techno.

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