Monday, 16 March 2009

Liverpool barfly 16th March 2009

Woke up in sunny Liverpool today, Mike and Maggot's favourite city.
Went to get some breakfast in a local cafe called the Soul Cafe. The soup looked good but we got fried food instead.
Maggot got some bananas. I think he is on a health tip.

Mike got himself a new Tshirt for a quid from a charity shop around the corner.
Its a shame Liverpool FC lost that game.
We found this sign about an "Arthouse" which is what Eggsy uses to describe a one man herbal cigarette.

Doctor Cum got the sound ready while ramming in a burger.

Then it was time to go to HMV for an instore as we got a new single out today. You can buy it in the shops and everything.

This is John Frederick George Dunford, he is our Tour Manager and he had phoned for some taxis with his southern accent.
We dicked around while we waited for the taxis........

Needles to say the taxis didn't turn up.
So we walked to HMV.
They had snacks there.
And these two dudes came to interview us. They were very quite, I think they were star struck by the Maggot.

So we said some swear words over some music and then we went back to the bus to prepare for the show.

I put on a yellow tracksuit tonight.

In the holding area.
Someone had gone crazy ass bonkers with the smoke machine.
The gig was really cuffing good.
Maggot was proper giving it some, straight into the crowd.

After the gig we went straight back onto the bus because the dressing room was somewhere odd. Like through the middle of the crowd up three flights of stairs and over a rope bridge.


And you are back on the bus.
Graham's Tshirt is the nuts!!

Someone gave us this wicked bong too. What a night out.

The others are off to the after party now. Next stop Birmingham.


  1. That bong's the tits!! :) Wonder if there's a male one about for us girlies ;)

  2. Loved it and fuckin loves you lot! Me and Vicks were on a high for all of the 2 hour drive back to North Wales!
    Big respect to Dr Cum for the set lists too :D (a legend in the sound engineering world)

    Mush, a "specialised bong" for the ladies really would be... the NUTS!!

  3. Yeah! Nuts and the pipe could be the shlong innit! Maybe the boys could make one for us in their spare time for being such loyal crazy crack whores! Sorry..tourettes again. Honestly I shock myself with what comes out of my mouth sometimes but I just can't stop it mun :)


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