Saturday, 28 March 2009

Rhondda Parc Hall 28th March

Woke up today hot as hell on the side of a hill.

The venue was well weird it had seats in it. It looked like a good place to put on a school play.
The power was dodge in the venue and i thought we were going to have to do the gig honky tonk style on the piano.

Doctor Cum messed up pressing play on the mini disc player last night so he had to wear the Caveman outfit as a punishment.

After sound check we went up stairs where they had made us a delicious curry.

It was like being in a posh restaurant.

Then some of the boys went to the local pub, The Parc Hotel, for a drink.

These are some of the local drinkers.

Spam brought up his caravan. Mike, Graham and Mysti went to go and hang out in the caravan of love but Spam had gone out.

Tonight was well professional.

Tonight's look.

Ten minutes and counting.

Check the crowd.

Tits out.


Rhondda rocks.
There might be a change of venue for tomorrow nights gig, waiting to find out now.


  1. Oi mukka - ya put the Rhondda post in twice, serious is there any need to see those tits TWICE on one webpage?!?!!
    That was my last gig of the fuckin tour and it was absolutely LUUUUSH!!
    The caravan was the place to be post-gig innit!

  2. no hang on - im fuckin confused. you just named both the aberystwyth and rhondda blogs 'Rhondda Parc Hall', ya numpty - i thought i was trippin for a sec! x

  3. Wasn't it worth it for those ankle warmers though? LOL!


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