Thursday, 26 March 2009

Bristol Fleece 26th March 2009

Getting up was hard today. We had a bit of a late night on the bus last night.
Eventually we all went into town. Eggsy and Graham spent over an hour in Fopp. Graham bought some terrible music and some bad films, he will only spend three pounds on a CD or a DVD.

We found this amazing pound shop.

Graham bought these glasses for a quid. They cut into his eyes but they look good.

Eggsy needed to get some pants so we went to a local sports shop.

Then we went to get some food at Yo Sushi. What a day out.

We got back to the venue about six.

Big G turned up.

Then we had to get ready to do the gig.

Check out my tracksuit top.

This is the crowd.

Hands in the air.

Rave time.

We got this dude on for the last song. I don't know what he was dressed as but he looks the bomb.

Then we were done.

I think everyone had a good time.

Maggot went back in to have a few drinks and get a bit loose.

It was a good gig, Bristol always rocks the party.

Now there are a milloin people on the bus and its like a rough pub in the 80s.

Off to Aberystwyth tomorrw. Safe.


  1. I hope to be in Aberystwyth too - not got a ticket yet mind :s but hope to see ya at the gig :)

  2. Think that fella was supposed to be a slice of pizza - his Fez hat rocked though (and we reckons Eggsy should wear one ALL the time - it looked well sharp!!)
    What was with the 11 o clock curfew though??!?

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