Friday, 20 March 2009

Exeter Cavern 20th March 2009

Woke up at a service station today near Exeter, they had a Marks and Spencer.

Adam had a coffee to get everything moving.

Billy bought fruit, a ready meal and a highbrow newspaper.

Eggsy insists that pineapple is good for you. I'm sure it is true but he didn't look like he was enjoying it.

Final we made it to Exeter.

They have a "Madhouse".

It sells some really bad clothes, and some really good ones.

The sun was out and we had a nice walk by the big church. It's well nice if you like that sort of thing.

Billy had his two favourite things with him, one was a football the other some home brewed cider. He had three pints of Old Rosie.

Eggsy went for the traditional Burger King.

These dudes came to talk to us from the local student radio. One had bought his mum a "Lazy Susan" from Lakeland Plastics, what a nice son he must be.

Then we did a bit of sound checking.

Some more people came to talk to us (sometimes it's a bit like being in a home). They played Guess Who with some of the boys. Some people just want to be weird.

Time to go into the smallest room and rave.

This room really was small.

The Smash Up Twins.
Mysti and Billy had been on the cider and were smashed. I've got to stop them drinking in the day, the afternoon, evening, and after the gigs. Wish me luck.

Small venue today but a good crowd.

This is the back of Billy's head.

Check out the tall guy, he pulled the winning ticket out for the raffle.

This dude came on stage to dance for "Your Mother's Got A Penis".
What a look.

Everybody say "Yeah"!

We had a stage invasion and some of the bouncers were a bit heavy handed but I suppose they were only trying to do their job.

Then it was out into the cold and off to get the first shower where I could put a clean pair of socks and underpants on straight after having the shower.

Nice work all round.

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  1. Anymore updates?? Last one was 4 days ago. I need an update!!!!!


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