Monday, 23 March 2009

Cardiff 22nd March 2009

This is Cardiff. We turned up just around the corner from where Antiques Kid use to live when she was a boy.

Even 2hats turned up today.Maggot wore his Terry Toweling sweater, I love that sweater.

Eggsy and Mike when to Mc'donnas. I think they are mental.

Maggot got ripped off by a Cannelloni .

We got some new merch today and Jay is back on the stand. He picked up this head wear too.

Even DJ Killa Tomato was in an area.

Time to walk to the tunnel.

Last chance saloon. Some of the boys had a terror piss behind an Italian restaurant.

Check the look.

2 minutes and counting.

Check out the crowd.

It was hot as hell in there.

Spaced cowboy!

We had a stage invasion at the end.

It was amazing.

Back down the tunnel.

I went and hung out at the front for a bit and met some of the clarts.

I think everyone had a good time.

Some of the boys went into town after, I went to bed.
Next stop Brighton.

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  1. spaced cowboy? hahahaha lovin it, cheers for the phioto rhys :)


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