Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Birmingham 17th march 2009

Birmingham today the home of the Chicken Tikka Masalla.
Everyone slept in really late cause of the party in Liverpool the night before.

Eggsy checked out the merchandise.

And some of the boys had pictures with the people who turned up about six hours before the doors opened. Now that is dedication.

Mike was in bits from the night before.

Mysti and Billy did an interview, don't know what it was for.

And the others did an interview with this guy upstairs. He was a proper weirdo.

Mike passed out on the bus, he has been burning both candles in the at the same time recently.

Then Andy Landeres and Tony and Doris turned up. We have a quiz where we ask Adam to name three facts about Andy Landers. It's called the "Andy Landers quiz".

Danny Draw was in the house too.

Check out my look today.

The 20 minute call.

Then onto the holding area.

Check out the crowd.

I think everyone was having a good time.

Then it's back to a small room and time to party again.

They kept the main room open and some of the boys went and had a dance.

Eggsy had the party in full swing downstairs on the bus in the "Jazz Folk Lounge"
Good times.


  1. Is it safe giving interviews to people and not knowing who/what they are...

  2. Name in lights..Wicked!! Lovin' the shell-suitage Rhys..corkin'! Was that a bottle of brandy I spied in Graham the Hair..ahem..I mean Bear's hand? Quite partial to a spot of brandy meself spa...there'd best be some left for me to gulp down my neck on Sunday clart! Knows! Hope Ballsy's feeling better innit. Safe XX

  3. Thanks again for a relaxed and fragrant evening in the Jazz Folk Lounge. Given the camera's way of doing things, the photos on the blog look great. Keep up the good work!


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