Monday, 23 March 2009

Brighton Concorde 23rd march 2009

Brighton today and the weather has taken a turn for the worse.

We walked into town and it was well windy.
Maggot is an outdoor type so he was loving it.

They even have a shop especially for him here.

Then we all split up to try to find some food.

Eventually we all ended up back at the club.

This is A.J. from some internet site. He interviewed me and Billy. He didn't seem to know how the equipment worked but he was a nice guy.

Dipper Nan aka Dan Tracey turned up and Eggsy made him wear his leisure top.

Check out my and Adam's look for tonight.
I think Eggsy is starting to lose it a bit now.

Then it was time to go on.

The Concorde 2 is a great place for a rave.

This is the back of Billy's head again.

They were proper raving tonight.

Check out the shape on this guy who came on stage at the end.
He is called Andrew Adams.

And all too soon we were back off stage and the show was over.

Eggsy made some new friends.

I went outside and met some of the crowd.

They were all very nice.

And i think they had had a good time.

Jay our merch dude had put on his special silver suit to attract the ladies. If you look closely you can see his cock and balls, actually you don't even have to look closely.

Maggot made some new friends too.

He was last seen getting in a car with some girls heading off to town.

Billy got his face licked too.

I would love to have some food now but i fear i got no chance.
London tomorrow so got to lock it down. It's going to be a long day.

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