Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oxford Academy 19th March 2009

Oxford today. Some people are not in a good way.And others are.

I think it was the first day that we all had a shower, not together though.

Another sold out show.

Some of the boys relaxed on the roof with the aid of herbs.

Maggot got his chopper out.

We got a ticket for parking outside the venue. Mike Balls says that if the ticket has not got a police badge on it you don't have to pay. Not sure if that is true or not.

Maggot took Graham to the pub and got him smashed, in this picture Graham hasn't started drinking yet.

Adam looking smooth at the sound check.

First BBQ of the year. Meat!

Eggsy put a towel on his head and went to sleep, he is a little odd sometimes.

Then it's time to get the sweat absorbent clothing on.

The 20 minute call.

Oxford was buzzing.

Tonight's dancer was well safe.

Put your hand up for Oxford it's safe.

Back down the tunnel to the dressing room.

Mike was buzzing.

Graham was still pissed.

I met a few of the clarts out the frount.

Well safe.
Some of the boys did some DJing after.
I didn't get a curry last night but I'm going to sort one out tonight.

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