Sunday, 13 December 2009

Aberdeen 12 December 2009

We had a nice dressing room today.
The venue used to be called the Moshulu but the name seems to have changed recently.
We played here about 5 years ago.
Adam was the life and soul as usual.
Then ten minutes later he was asleep.
Before you could say "I'm off to the booze shop to get a bottle of sherry" it was time to do the show.
And what a show.
I had so much fun and such a good time i ripped my own underwear off.
After the show we were fed hot cheese.
And we went to meet the crowd.
They were seriously safe.
These dudes came to see us last time we were here.
Maggot was feeling very sexual tonight.
Eggsy and Adam met some girls who really scared them.
But it was a great show and a great time was had by all. 

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