Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Birmingham 8th december 2009

Birmingham today.
We went into town and stood about looking confused.
We eventually decided to go to Selfridges cause they have a food hall.
And we got a load of curry in. Amazing.
Then we went back to the venue and met the extra support act who were playing with us tonight. They were called Big Breakfast, only joking they are "Full English", and they are safe.
Billy and Grayham got the Christmas tree sorted.
And Danny Draw turned up to drink as much of our beer as he possible could.
This is us with bad boy Techno DJ Tony Surgeon.
He makes some banging tunes.
Hands in the air!
After the gig we went to meet some of the punters.
They were a great crowd tonight.
Maggot had a great time.
Then we kind of came to the realization that we all have flu. So we tried to go to sleep early.
Got to be on our game for Liverpool.

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