Friday, 18 December 2009

CARDIFF 16th December 2009

Mike was the lucky one today. He put up the tree, he hates Christmas and didn't enjoy the experience.
It was a funny spilt up kind of a day. Cause we were all close to home most of us did the friends and family stuff so we met up later in the dressing room in time for the gig.
Then we went on and rocked the party. We had done our first ever gig at the Welsh Club but the stage was a lot smaller then.
After we met some of the crew.
It was a banging show.
The forum crew were there too. Check out Spam.
Spam thought my hat was funny, I don't think he feels the cold like me. My friend Colin Francies has the same hat and Im kind of biting his style.
Martin Xploit came down , he had a nice hat too.
These boys were having a great time. One of them is called Adam.
After, some of the boys went to 10 feet tall where the bar staff were rubbish and Grayham was once a DJ (he played Sit Down by James and was asked to not DJ there any more).

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  1. Awesome goldiness again blads!
    Safe Safe XXXXXXXX


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