Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Manchester 14th December 2009

Me and Eggsy had to get up real early and go to a place called Bryn.
We were in Manchester today so we travelled from there by train.

We were going to Female First which is a web site based above a tanning salon that also sells erotic underwear for women.
They also do some complimentary treatments downstairs too.
It's odd as hell.
They invited us into the office to hand out and do some gentle filing.
Eggsy did some data entry and I made everyone tea.
Then they took us to the tanning booths down stairs to interview us.
While this was going on the other boys got up and some of them did an interview for the local press.
We eventually we all got back and got ready to do the show.
The crowd were jumping tonight.
After the gig we went to meet some of the crew.
Maggot was very popular with the ladies.
There were a load of good heads in tonight.
Big up!

Afterwards we all went to the Big Hands for a few light ales.
Mysti hung out with some men and got smashed.
The girls from AT8 came for a drink and Grayham decided to tell "Fishslice" all about newport and how good he is DJing in the clubs there. Needless to say they went to their hotel after about 20 minutes.
About 2 o'clock Billy and I decided to go for a curry.
Not sure how wise this was.

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