Friday, 11 December 2009

Preston 10th December 2009

We all got up well late today.
Maggot got up and performed his grooming routine.
We were doing a Chav Vs Geek party so they had dressed the stage up with some table clothes.
After sound check some of us went into Preston town to find some dinner. The town was full of people on Christmas works parties. We had some trouble finding somewhere and ended up in a semi up market Italian. At this point Grayham was starting to really feel ill.
It didn't stop him ordering a sea food pizza though.
Earlier in the day billy had gone on a gold quest and found this lovely item in H and M for a tenner. Needless to say it broke when he was jumping to "your mother's got a penis" later on.
We all got ready to do the gig.

Grayham was feeling really seriously ill by now and walked around in circles dazed for most of the gig.
These are the Geeks and the Chavs.
Maggot got a proper sweat on.
After the gig some of the boys went to meet the Chvas and Geeks.
Here are some future city traders and some independent traders too.
Suddenly after the gig Grayham seemed to get a second wind.
And Adam got smashed again.
Good times!!!

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