Sunday, 20 December 2009

Nottingham 19th December 2009

We had a day room today and Adam spent over an hour in the bath. I found him on the bed in the hotel room and his eyes had gone all funny.
Nottingham Rescue Rooms today.
Big G has joined us for the last couple of days and he brought special cakes with him.
In Nottingham they always cook you a meal at the venue. This time it was a roast.
Then I went out into town to see about a bottle of Port and it started snowing.
Well Christmassy.
When I got back it was time to do the show.
The place was pumping.
Big G did his bit as Chief of Security.
We had some guest dancers today.
And after the show we met some of the crowd.
Mike was flying.
There were some safe people in tonight.
Even DJ Euphoria was there.
We were given some Christmas presents too.
Space Raiders and a Turkey baster, who could ask for more?
Thanks so much for the lovely gifts.
I had a curry after the show and Maggot had another wine and cheese evening.
Needless to say he didn't invite the ruff boys again.
Later on that night Mysti had some cake and went crazy in the back lounge of the bus till 7 in the morning.

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