Saturday, 12 December 2009

Glasgow December 11th 2009

Glasgow today the home of the party.
We love Scotland and have been looking forward to getting back here since..... well since we left last time.
Everyone got up late and went in search of food. Ballsy, Eggsy and Grayham walked around for nearly 2 hours and eventually ended up in The Trees, which is a family run first floor cafe. 
It was like being in the dinning area of a cross channel ferry. Ruff house!
On the walk back the Scotch mist rolled in.
We were playing at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. When I was a kid and followed all them bands and all that, I would look where they were playing in the NME. All the really good bands played here and it looked like the best venue in the world. Needless to say it is not a hut and King Tut doesn't own it. It is always awesome to play here.
Our support act Icecream and Fishcakes (that's their rap names) were keeping it rock and roll by playing card games. They played the gig and later went home with the shits.
Hope they are ok.
This is Daniel who came to interview us for is magazine (at least he said it was his mag) he only looked 12 though. He also works in a local bar collecting glasses.
Grayham was the first to get ready for the show.
This was going to be one of the biggest shows of our lives.
Sold out and smashed on booze, just the way it should be.
It was great.
Milly was there and it's nice to see she is still off the junk.
We went to the bar down stairs.
This guy thought I was Maggot and said he has a mate who looks just like me.
Our mate Dave was there too.
Some people had travelled from far and wide to see the gig tonight.
But I think it was worth it.
Big up to all of you!

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