Monday, 21 December 2009

Norwich 20th December 2009

We woke up today and the bus had given up about 200 yards from the venue.
So we went to Morrisons (at last) to take full advantage of their reasonably priced breakfast menu..... and their toilets.
After, me Eggsy and Big G went to the venue for Jammy Dodgers and cups of tea.
Grayham turned up after a few jammy Dodgers and he wasn't in a good way.
Mysti was even worse. They had stayed up till 8 o'clock and eaten cakes among other things and Mysti had lost his mind. Apparently he got very primal around 6 in the morning refusing to communicate with words only using a series of high pitched noises to indicate his delight at still being alive.
We had to get in a traditional pub meal today.
It was Christmas after all.
Let it snow.
It was like something straight off the front of a Christmas card.
Adam had a mini breakdown about 5 o'clock.
And Mysti was still smashed.
Then we raised our game and got ready.
The gig was amazing the crowd rocked it tonight.
Mysti survived to drink another day.
And we went to meet and thank some of the crowd.
They were all safe as.
Maggot got licked.
Grayham had fun.
We met some very nice people
Who were all smashed but hey, it is Christmas.
But none of them were as smashed Mysti.
He went to bed early.

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