Monday, 7 December 2009

Bristol 6th december 2009

We were playing on the Thekla for the first time. Its a boat.
Apparently Aphex twin played there and killed someone with the sub bass, amazing.

As soon as we got there some of the boys went to get beer and a fishy dinner.

I thought, cause its Christmas and all, we should make the effort so I bought a plastic tree for 7 quid. Maggot and I set it up.

Then some kids from the Uni came and asked us questions about Wikipedia.

After that we went to the dressing room and got ready for the gig on the boat.

The crowd were well up for it.

Mike Balls was having a great time.

There was magic dust in the air.

The bass was loud.

I think the bass may have made a few people shit themselves.

But no one died, at least not from the bass.

It was a great gig.

Some of the GLC Forum crew were there.

And we went to the bar upstairs to meet some of the ravers who had survived the bass.

Maggot made friends

These dudes were awesome.

And these ladies had some of the best outfits we have seen on our tour so far.

Maggot made more friends.

And even Mike came up to the bar.

Then just as i was going to get a pint of Old Rosie they shut the bar and chucked us all out.

Never mind though it was a great night, Bristol is S.A.F.

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