Friday, 18 December 2009

Oxford 17th December 2009

Grayham looked great this morning. He has been hitting it real hard on the booze.
Oxford is a nice place and all but Billy and I got bored so he took me to the pub.

Possibly the coldest pub on the face of the earth. 
They had obviously heard about the Maggot cause they had this sign up on the wall.

We went back to the dressing room to be interviewed by these oddballs. They said it was the first interview they had ever done. They were like the people out of a WKD advert. Proper odd.
After they left Adam put a plastic bag on his head.
And then it was time to go upstairs and throw a party.
These are the party people.
After the show we met some of the party crew.
Adam's new hat has been a real big hit.
Mike's dad came to the gig tonight.
These two ladies were looking for Adam but they got Billy instead. 
I think Billy needs to get a hat.
And finally, after six days, the Maggot had his wine and cheese evening.
Billy didn't go to the wine and cheese evening. 

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