Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Newcastle 15th December 2009

Mggot was the first up again.
Today we are in Newcastle,
Newcastle is well safe.
We decided to hot foot it into town to get some scran.
What a rip off.
Billy found time to do all his Christmas cards today.
Then it was time for sound check.
Then it was time for Nandos. Eggsy Decided he needed some vegetables.
Billy took me out to sample some of the local drink.
And Mike was well in love with the Brandy we had in the dressing room.
And then it was time to do the show.
Mysti decided to mimic Adolf Hitler or it could be Charley Chaplin, your choice.
These are the ravers.
After the show we met some of the kids.
Milly came down with some lovely presents.
Then we went for a quick one in a local bar.
And met more of the people who came to the gig.
The look on Eggsy's face says it all.
Then all of a sudden just as we were leaving some of the people who we met earlier that worked in Nandos turned up with hot chicken for us.

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