Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Shrewsbury 22nd December 2009

Everyone got up well late today. We had been in London the night before and most of us had got proper smashed.
Adam was feeling alive.
And he came with me and Billy to get some pub grub. Billy was loving his Sunday dinner, even if it was a it was a Tuesday.
Shrewsbury has got some amazing shops. 
Billy was lucky enough to pick up this headband and skipping rope set for only a fiver.
Last night we had been in London and Joel Bramwell came to see us. He had got on the bus to have a drink and we had kidnapped him and taken him to Shrewsbury with us. He was in a bad way, I think he had been on a four day bender.
Grayham had become annoyed with Maggot's druggie mates in London. Apparently they had been kicking the door and trying to get in while he tried to shower. He got angry and kicked a wall by accident. I think it hurt quite a bit.
This is his foot.
Then it was time to do the show.
It was crazy in there.
When we got off the stage Mike seemed to have blood coming out of his mouth.
And Grayham was destroyed.
After cleaning up the mess we then decided it was a great idea to get some filthy food. 
Then we got on the road and drove into the snow. 
And that was that, the "office party" tour done.
Thanks for coming to see us and have the best Christmas.


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