Saturday, 19 December 2009

Wrexham 18th December 2009

Wrexham today. We decided to go for a look around town.
Adam wanted a Christmas dinner. We found a lovely little pub but Adam went for the ham eggs and chips option in the end. They had Christmas hits on and the TV was playing Christmas videos. Christmas to the max!!!
Speaking of Max, Wrexham has a really good T.K. Maxx.
We went into Poundland.
And bought loads of rubbish DVDs for a quid a pop.
Adam had bought a hat the other day and it had made him a huge hit with the ladies so Grayham went into T.K. Maxx and picked out this number.
It's got a green Superman on it.
Back at the venue we did the sound check and then Mike found the quiz machine.
Mike loves a good quiz.
Then we had some curry and got ready to do the gig.
Here are some of the friday night ravers.
After the show we met some of the ravers.
Adam met the girls.
And the boys.

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