Thursday, 10 December 2009

Liverpool Academy 2, December 9th 2009

Liverpool today and every one is close to death.
Except Mike who had the jab cause he is high risk.
He loves Liverpool so much and not just the city. He bought a special mug from the Kop shop. He is very sad.
We spend most of the day lying down feeling rough.
Eventually we got it together to go do the gig. Maggot has taken to using Deep Heat on his aching body, it really stinks.
This dude brought us some bongs to sign for the NME.
Then we got ready to rock!
It was hard core today cause we were felling the effects of our collective illnesses.
The crowd were great though.
Grayham made a terrible mistake by getting into the crowd who pulled his pants down, apparently his little winky popped out but only for a second or two.
I Rush Forth was there.
I gave this little dude my hat.
This lady complained about the smell of deep heat.
Every one had a good time tonight.
Gayham was still a little disturbed that most of the crowd has seen his little secret.
Then we had hot pizza and Adam drank a bottle of port and stayed up till 6.
Party time!!!

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